What Can Obama Do?

The following article went up today on NewMatilda!


Obama in Egypt 

The hunger for democracy in Egypt is real, writes Austin G. Mackell. So why won’t Obama and other world leaders put pressure on Mubarak to step down?

Mubarak has been, always and absolutely, America’s man. Now that the Egyptian president’s demise seems both inevitable and imminent, America is desperately stalling as it looks for a way to maintain control of Egypt.

The specific demands made by Barack Obama of Mubarak since the uprisings began — that the internet and social networking be turned back on and that a “period of transition” begin — have both been met. If Obama called on Mubarak to leave the country now, and to hand power over to a transitional government acceptable to the Egyptian population, there is good reason to believe he would do so….

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About Austin G. Mackell

I am a freelance journalist who has worked for a variety of corporate and community outlets from my hometown of Sydney and from the Middle East, including from Lebanon during Israels 2006 invasion and from Iran during the tumultuous presidential elections there in 2009. I have recently moved to Cairo to watch the revolutions in Arab world unfold.
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