Latest from Tahrir for Russia Today

I did another interview for Russia Today about the violence which marred the first day of Ramadan in Cairo as the police and Army Cleared Tahrir Square, again. I’m in the second video, a little bit down the page.


About Austin G. Mackell

I am a freelance journalist who has worked for a variety of corporate and community outlets from my hometown of Sydney and from the Middle East, including from Lebanon during Israels 2006 invasion and from Iran during the tumultuous presidential elections there in 2009. I have recently moved to Cairo to watch the revolutions in Arab world unfold.
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3 Responses to Latest from Tahrir for Russia Today

  1. Nick T says:

    Sorry, this isn’t a reply to your interview- it’s a link to an article about the recent stuff going on in Israel which I though u may be interested in. Coming from an anti-Zionist socialist perspective, Seymour is hesitant to locate the Israeli social-movement in the same tradition as Tahrir; at the same time, I tend to agree with his point that the success (or otherwise) of the movement there is highly dependent on the trajectory of the politics of the middle-east as a whole.

    If you have the time, I’d be interested to hear your take on the Israeli movement.

  2. Hey man… do you have me on facebook? better forum for this stuff… Austin Gerassimos Mackell… only one on there with that name.

  3. Nick T says:

    …nah – never got onto to FB – one day I guess i ought to.

    Until then, I’ll keep the comments relevant to the article at hand.

    In union


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