Tahrir’s Morning Glory.

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About Austin G. Mackell

I am a freelance journalist who has worked for a variety of corporate and community outlets from my hometown of Sydney and from the Middle East, including from Lebanon during Israels 2006 invasion and from Iran during the tumultuous presidential elections there in 2009. I have recently moved to Cairo to watch the revolutions in Arab world unfold.
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2 Responses to Tahrir’s Morning Glory.

  1. Nick T says:

    Fantastic shots Austin – thanks for these.

    On another topic – don’t s’pose you could abbreviate my name/or the comment i posted to the below article (published on your blog on March 17 last year)?


    I got declined for a job the other day and the prospective employer told me I ought to be more careful about my ‘use of language’ online. Having googled my own name, the above must be the only thing she was on about. Nice to see freedom of speech and association is alive and well in Australia. This is really shit cos I’ve always believed if you post something online you should put your name to it. Bummer.


  2. Nick T says:

    Oops, didn’t mean edit comment, meant edit (abbreviate) surname.

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