Egyptian Revolution, set to Revolution by the John Butler Trio, plus pics from Tahrir

Watch on youtube for HD. (See notes on video below)

Protesters march carrying the coffin of one of their number allegedly killed by security forces.
Children climb onto one of the buildings of the American University of Cairo's downtown campus, overlooking the fray.
Protesters form a human chain to keep a path clear for ambulances.
Protesters against the Syrian regime outside the Arab Legue.
notes on video:
This footage is taken mostly from 22 Nov (some from 19 Nov) in Tahrir Square, Bab Aluk, Mohamad Mahmoud St and connecting alley ways. It shows Egyptian revolutionaries demanding the end of the rule of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which they consider to be a counter revolutionary force. They throw rocks, overturn cars, build barricades, throw back teargas and generally, are hardcore.The video is cut to “Revolution” by John Butler Trio (, distributed by Metropolitan Groove Merchants ( The artist and the company retain full rights.

If they feel I have offended these rights with this non-commercial use of their music I implore them to contact me directly before YouTube HQ or any lawyers. I would be extremely happy for them to post this video on their youtube channel(s) or website(s).

I also urge (and expect) them to show some solidarity with the Egyptian people, whose bravery and commitment to freedom this video is intended to celebrate.

I shot the footage. Non-profits (excluding news organizations) and individuals are free to use it for non commercial purposes. Those wishing to commercialize these images should contact my agency Global Radio News (


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