Deserted Egyptian Major (Tamer Badr) Arrested

Had the following published over on Al Akhbar English on Friday.

Witnesses including Mr el-Jalfy. In el-Jalfy's hand a flag they have been stained with their own blood as a symbol of commitment to the revolution, and a petition they are circulating calling for the release of military officers arrested after joining Tahrir. (Photo: Ahmad el-Gamal)

Eyewitness reports and video posted online indicate that Major Tamer Badr, who had left his post with the Egyptian infantry to join the protests in Tahrir has been arrested.

Al-Akhbar spoke to a group of witnesses including a Abd el-Nasser el-Jalfy, who had been staying with the major in the Ismaliya Guest House adjacent to the square.

He said, and others confirmed, that on Thursday at between 2:30pm and 3pm, a group of armed men dressed in civilian clothes and identifying themselves as military police had stormed the building…..

Read the rest on Al Akhbar.


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